Core Biopsy Devices

INRAD Core Biopsy Devices are designed to optimize sample acquisition while incorporating ergonomic features to enhance ease of use during the procedure.


SelectCore™ Variable Throw Biopsy Device

Designed for ease of use and flexibility in soft tissue biopsy. Features a variable throw, two firing modes and ergonomic design. 

PreciseCore™ Biopsy Device

Designed for precision biopsy applications. Features a static throw that does not advance when fired, offering greater precision and reducing the threat of damage. 

AccuCore® Single Action Biopsy Device

Lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver, the AccuCore® features a stronger spring and fully exposed specimen notch for easy specimen removal. 

Soft Tissue Biopsy Coaxial Needles

INRAD® coaxial needles are designed specifically for use with INRAD soft tissue core biopsy devices, enabling the retrieval of multiple samples from the same incision.