Our comprehensive line of innovative Core Needle Biopsy Devices deliver optimal performance for any soft tissue biopsy application. Try any disposable device for free.

"No-Throw" PreciseCore™ Biopsy Device

The PreciseCore needle does not advance when fired. This design offers precision and reduces the threat of damage to deeper tissue.

Featuring an ergonomic design and ultrasound enhanced tip, PreciseCore is the ultimate device for precision soft tissue biopsy applications.

SelectCore™ Variable Throw Biopsy Device

A fully variable throw provides total control of the specimen size and precise command of penetration depth. 

SelectCore delivers the flexibility and accuracy required in soft tissue biopsy applications.

AccuCore® Single Action Biopsy Needles

AccuCore features a stronger spring that delivers increased cutting effectiveness, providing improved specimen retrieval.

Its lightweight and compact design make the AccuCore easy to use.

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When physicians try an INRAD device, we find they typically fall in love with them. Try any of our disposable devices for free - just let us know where to send it and we will send you a free sample right away. Fill out the form below or give us a call today.

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