Bring your Medical Product Idea to Life

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Have an Idea?

We can help you bring it to market. Don't worry about prototypes or design, we simply want to take the idea you have in any form and help you bring it to life.

The ideas that have led to our most successful products are those that come from physicians such as you.  You experience the problems you face on a daily basis, and many of you come up with creative solutions to handle them.  These are the type of ideas we love.

Why Work With INRAD?

  • INRAD lives for new product development. As a small company, we are very nimble, and can usually commercialize new products much more quickly than a large company. Inventors deal directly with the CEO, President, Product Manager and Engineers as needed.
  • We are eager to develop niche products that serve any market size, large or small. Many larger companies require a much bigger market potential to even consider development of an idea.
  • We want your idea as is – no prototype or design required.  INRAD performs all tasks required to bring your idea to market.  This includes prototyping, gathering feedback from physicians, device fine tuning, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and bringing the product to market.
  • INRAD has a proven track record of success working with physicians to bring their ideas to life. Successful devices we have developed include the UltraClip® Tissue Marker, Ghiatas™ & UltraWire™ Breast Localization Devices, SelectCore™ & PreciseCore™ Biopsy Devices,  the echogenic SampleMASTER® line of coaxial and FNA needles and more.

Ready to let us work for you?

If you are ready to talk to us about your great idea, fill out our Confidential Submittal Agreement and let us know. INRAD treats all ideas in strict confidence. This agreement protects your idea, so that we cannot claim it as our own. We agree to keep the idea confidential, and any patent rights you have are protected regarding your disclosure to us. It also protects us in the event that a submitted idea is one that we are currently working on or one we have documented in our files.

Email the agreement to us at, or fax it to us at 616.301.7799. If you'd like to speak to us directly, you can reach us by phone at 1.800.558.4647.

Thank you for considering INRAD - we look forward to working together.