EasyMark Breast Tissue Markers

Two unique marker shapes designed to aid visualization and accurately mark breast lesions.

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PreciseCore No Throw Biopsy Device

A Unique, "No-Throw" Approach for Precision Biopsy Applications

PreciseCore Biopsy Device

Ultrasound Enhanced Needles for Better Visibility in Challenging Ultrasound Guided Procedures

SampleMaster Ultrasound Needle
SelectCore Variable Throw Biopsy Device

Fully Adjustable Throw for Versatility and Precision

SelectCore Biopsy Device
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An Accurate Diagnosis Starts Right Here

INRAD is dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative medical devices that empower physicians to accurately diagnose and treat patients. Our catalog of core biopsy needles, breast biopsy markers, and other interventional products have been designed in conjunction with leading physicians with the goal of improving patient care. We proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the USA.

Featured Product Categories

Core Biopsy Needles

INRAD offers three unique core biopsy needles to cover any soft tissue biopsy challenge you may face.

Breast Biopsy Markers

The EasyMark Breast Biopsy Marker offers two unique breast biopsy clip shapes for accurate marking of breast lesions.

Ultrasound Enhanced Needles

The classic “INRAD Needle”, our SampleMaster® line of echogenic needles features our signature HiLiter® ultrasound enhancement for greater visibility.

Aspiration Biopsy Syringe Gun

Other Products

View INRAD’s full portfolio of biopsy needles, interventional access needles, and other innovative medical products.

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