AccuCore® Biopsy Device

Lightweight with a strong cutting spring for core needle biopsy

The AccuCore Single Action Biopsy Device offers a strong, classic design, giving you the power to perform soft tissue biopsy with ease. Equipped with a strong spring to aid cutting effectiveness when firing the cannula.

The AccuCore needle is equipped with a sharp Trocar point in 14 gauge, which aids in easy insertion into dense tissue. Other gauge sizes feature a bevel tip.

  • Trocar point on 12ga and 14ga. Other sizes have a standard bevel tip.
  • Fully exposed 15mm notch for easy sample removal

Try the AccuCore

When physicians try the AccuCore, they often love it. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

Additional AccuCore Single Action Biopsy Device Features

  • A strong frame and lightweight construction
  • Ultrasound enhanced tip is designed to aid visualization under ultrasound guidance
  • A sharp cutting cannula
  • Depth marks etched on the cannula allow for precise positioning

Coaxial Introducers

AccuCore is compatible with INRAD Coaxial Introducer needles, which feature our HiLiter® Ultrasound Enhancement on the stylet. 


*12ga Coaxial does not include HiLiter®


Download the AccuCore Brochure

For more information about AccuCore in a shareable PDF, please fill out this form to download the brochure. 

AccuCore Ordering Information

Order Quantity: Box of 10

Order CodeGaugeLength (CM)Length (in)TipCoaxial Order Code
640912129cm3 1/2"Trocar601209
640914149cm3 1/2"Trocar601409
6415141415cm5 7/8"Trocar601415
620916169cm3 1/2"Standard601609
620918189cm3 1/2"Standard601809
6215181815cm5 7/8"Standard601815
620920209cm3 1/2"Standard602009
6215202015cm5 7/8"Standard602015

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