AccuPlace® Drace Stereotaxic Needle Guide

This disposable interventional biopsy needle guide is small, accurate and easy-to-use. Designed so that one individual, after determining the proper location and depth from a CT scan, can insert the needle at the correct angle into the target with greater first-time accuracy – which helps reduce procedure time.


The AccuPlace Needle Guide Features:

  • Reduced procedure time & radiation exposure
  • Available in Straight Level or Round Level configuration
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use
  • Fits 23 through 14 gauge needles
  • Adjustable to 2 degree increments
  • Disposable, one-time-use

Each AccuPlace comes with multiple needle holder sizes to ensure a perfect fit at any needle gauge between 14 ga and 23 ga. 

Try the AccuPlace

When physicians try the AccuPlace, they often love it. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

AccuPlace® Order Codes:

Order Quantity: Box of 20

Order CodeConfiguration
50000Straight Level
50001Round Level

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