EasyMark™ Breast Tissue Markers

3D Ribbon Marker

Anchor Marker

The EasyMark™ Breast Tissue Marker system allows for precise marking of breast lesions, making it easy to locate biopsy sites and lesions during all patient follow up. With a convenient and easy-to-use preloaded delivery system and multiple unique marker shapes, the EasyMark makes it simple to mark breast lesions.

3D Ribbon Marker:

  • 3D Ribbon shape is designed with three-dimensional shape to aid visualization
  • 3mm marker length
  • Nickel Free – Made of Titanium 6AI-4V EL

Anchor Marker:

  • 3D Anchor shape is designed to aid visualization
  • 3mm marker length
  • Made of 316 LVM Stainless Steel


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Order Code Reference Table

Order CodeMarker ShapeCannula Length (cm)
8137173D Ribbon7cm
8130173D Ribbon10cm

  • Unique shape designs allow for marking and accurately identifying multiple biopsy sites
  • Three-dimensional marker shape designs to aid visualization
  • Two different marker materials offer a two-level range of MRI Artifact and are MRI Conditional up to 3 Tesla*
  • Compatibility with multiple imaging modalities allows for identification of the same site when visualized under different modalities
  • EasyMark Breast Tissue Markers are preloaded in an ergonomic 17ga deployment system for easy one-handed placement.

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