Chiba Needles

INRAD® Chiba needles feature a crystal clear hub for easy visualization. These are available as a standard chiba needle, in a combo pack with our AccuMark Sheath, or in our ultrasound enhanced SampleMaster® needle series.

Chiba Point

Try our Chiba Needles

When physicians try these needles, they often love them. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

Standard Order CodeOrder Code W/ AccuMark SheathLength (CM)Length (in)Gauge
540184501814.9 cm5 7/8"18 ga
541184511820.0 cm7 7/8"18 ga
5402014.9 cm5 7/8"20 ga
541204512020.0 cm7 7/8"20 ga
54222452229.8 cm3 7/8"22ga
540224502214.9 cm5 7/8"22 ga
5412220.0 cm7 7/8"22 ga

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