INRAD Core Biopsy Needles

Three Innovative Core Biopsy Instruments for any Soft Tissue Biopsy.

PreciseCore™ “No-Throw” Biopsy Device

PreciseCore Breast Biopsy Needle

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An innovative “No-Throw” design offers precision and reduces the threat of damage to critical structures and deeper tissue. Ergonomically designed for easy, one-handed use. Useful for any breast biopsy challenge, where accuracy and precision are paramount.  

SelectCore™ Variable Throw Biopsy Device

SelectCore Breast Biopsy Device

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Powerful choices allow you to set this device for any breast biopsy challenge. Features a fully variable throw to set the needle penetration depth to any increment between 15mm and 25mm. Two firing modes for automatic or semi-automatic sample capture.


AccuCore® Single Action Biopsy Device

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The AccuCore Single Action Biopsy Device offers a strong, classic design, giving you the power to perform soft tissue biopsy with ease. Equipped with a strong spring and sharp Trocar point  to aids in insertion into dense tissue.