EasyMark™ Breast Biopsy Marker

Breast Biopsy Markers 

The EasyMark™ Breast Biopsy Marker system allows for precise marking of breast lesions, making it easy to locate biopsy sites and lesions during all patient follow up. With a convenient and easy-to-use pre-loaded delivery system and multiple unique marker shapes,  EasyMark breast tissue markers make it simple to mark breast lesions.

Two Unique Breast Biopsy Clips

  • Unique breast biopsy clip shape designs allow for marking and accurately identifying multiple biopsy sites
  • Three-dimensional breast biopsy marker shape designs to aid visualization
  • Two different marker materials offer a two-level range of MRI Artifact and are MRI Conditional up to 3 Tesla*
  • Compatibility with multiple imaging modalities allows for identification of the same site when visualized under different modalities

Try the EasyMark

When physicians try the EasyMark Breast Biopsy Markers, they often love them. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

Ribbon Breast Biopsy Marker

3D Ribbon Marker

  • 3D Ribbon shape is designed with three-dimensional shape to aid visualization
  • 3mm marker length
  • Nickel Free – Made of Titanium 6AI-4V ELI
Anchor Breast Biopsy Marker

Anchor Marker

  • Three-dimensional Anchor shape is designed to aid visualization
  • 3mm marker length
  • Made of 316 LVM Stainless Steel

EasyMark™ Deployment System

  • Ergonomic handle design allows for comfortable deployment of a marker
  • Cannula is equipped with depth marks to aid in placement
  • Front and rear deployment slide accommodates physician preference for comfortable marker placement

Download the EasyMark Brochure

For more information about the EasyMark in an easy to share PDF, please fill out this form to download the brochure. 

EasyMark Ordering Information

Order Quantity: Box of 5

Order CodeDescriptionMarker ShapeMarker MaterialMarker SizeCannula Length (cm)Cannula Gauge
811017EasyMark Anchor Tissue Marker (10cm)Anchor316 LVM Stainless Steel3mm10cm17ga
813017EasyMark 3D Ribbon Tissue Marker (10cm)3D RibbonTitanium 6AI-4V ELI3mm10cm17ga

*See Instructions for use for additional details. Markers are MRI Conditional; deployment system is not. 

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