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INRAD’s most successful products throughout the years have been a result of successful partnerships with leading physicians, research institutions and medical device innovators. Physicians experience all kinds of unique challenges in their practice, and often times it is the ability to develop creative solutions to these challenges that make for the most successful products.

If you are a practicing physician or a qualified inventor with medical device expertise and you have a unique idea for a medical device that can solve a prominent clinical challenge, we are excited to hear from you.


Why Work with INRAD

  • INRAD is committed to ongoing innovation and development of new medical devices. As a smaller firm, INRAD is nimble and able to commercialize products quickly while partnering directly with the inventor.
  • We are open to projects serving any market size.
  • INRAD has a proven track record of successful new product development and commercialization, having launched dozens of successful new products throughout our history.
  • We will work with projects at any stage, taking an idea or concept through the process of prototyping, research and development, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, and commercialization.


What INRAD is Looking For

  • Inventing partners that generally fit within one or more of these categories:
    1. Physicians with expertise in the area of their invention.
    2. Qualified inventors with medical device experience and domain expertise in the area of their invention.
    3. Technologies developed by research institutions in partnership with experts in the field of invention.
  • One-time-use disposable medical device products for use in a clinical setting.
  • Ideas should be a unique solution to a clinical challenge or offer significant improvements over existing products.
  • Ideally, the product ideas will serve physicians and their patients within the areas of surgery, breast biopsy, interventional radiology, urology, or other similar medical specialties.


Interested in Discussing More?

Do you think that INRAD may be a good fit to partner with you on your idea? Please complete our confidential idea submission form and submit it to us at This two-way agreement protects your idea so that we cannot claim it as our own. We agree to keep the idea confidential, and any patent rights you have are protected regarding your disclosure to us. It also protects us in the event that a submitted idea is one that we are currently working on or one we have documented in our files.

INRAD is highly selective in the projects we take on. If you think that your project may be a good fit for INRAD, and that we may be a good partner for you, please complete the form and submit it to us to set up a conversation about your project and our process for working with inventors.  

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