PreciseCore™ Biopsy Device

A "No-Throw" Approach for Precision Biopsy Applications

Unique “No-Throw” Design


An innovative “No-Throw” design offers precision and reduces the threat of damage to critical structures and deeper tissue in soft tissue biopsy. The PreciseCore’s™ unique needle captures specimen without advancing when fired. The spring-loaded cannula is armed and fired once positioned in the target area, capturing core samples with no forward penetration of the stylet.

The PreciseCore™ is ergonomically designed for comfort and one-handed operation to aid the simultaneous use of an ultrasound transducer. The needle is equipped with a sharp trocar point to aid insertion into dense tissue.

Try the PreciseCore

When physicians try the PreciseCore, they often love it. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

Trocar Point for Dense Tissue Penetration

All models are equipped with an extra sharp trocar point to aid dense tissue penetration. The PreciseCore is available with either a 10mm or 20mm sample notch. 

Arm and Fire With One Hand

Ergonomically designed, the PreciseCore is easy to arm and fire with one hand. A single retraction of the arming lever arms the device, which can then be fired with the push of a front trigger button. 

Additional PreciseCore “No-Throw” Biopsy Device Features

  • Easy to grip handle, forward mounted triggers and an ergonomic design allow for ease of use and control with either hand
  • Ultrasound enhanced tip is designed to aid visualization under ultrasound guidance
  • Two Sample Notch Sizes: The PreciseCore™ is available with either a 10mm or 20mm notch, for greater precision and control depending on the size of the biopsy target
  • Depth marks etched on the cannula allow for precise positioning

Coaxial Introducers

PreciseCore is compatible with INRAD Coaxial Introducer needles, which feature our HiLiter® Ultrasound Enhancement on the stylet. 

Download the PreciseCore Brochure

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