Ultrasound Enhanced Needles

The Signature “INRAD Needle” 

INRAD’s SampleMaster needle features our innovative HiLiter® ultrasound enhancement for better visibility in ultrasound guided percutaneous biopsies and drainage procedures. 

Smooth Insertion

The HiLiter enhancement is located at the tip of the inner stylet, allowing the siliconized outer cannula to remain smooth for ease of insertion.

Locking Hub for Ease of Placement

The SampleMaster needle features a unique locking hub. This allows the needle to be held comfortably and placed easily. A simple squeeze on the hub releases the stylet from the cannula.

Easier Orientation

The SampleMaster needle features palpable alignment markings on the hubs, allowing the physician to easily feel and visualize the correct alignment of the bevels.

SureStop® Depth Marker for Greater Accuracy

The innovative SureStop depth marker is easily placed and resists movement when it meets the surface of the skin. When the stop is placed over the point after use, the possibility of an accidental needle stick is reduced.

Try the SampleMaster

When physicians try the SampleMaster, they often love it. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

Our signature HiLiter Ultrasuond Enhancement is featured near the tip of the inner stylet. 

A 20ga SampleMaster is seen here in this ultrasound-guided liver biopsy.

Chiba Point

Franseen Point

Additional SampleMaster Features:

  • Color-coded stylet hub indicates the needle gauge
  • Depth marks etched on the cannula
  • Crystal clear cannula hub for easy visualization of the specimen
  • Thin wall construction of the outer cannula provides a large diameter for better sample retrieval or larger guidewire placement.

Download the SampleMaster Brochure

For more information about SampleMaster in an easy to share PDF, please fill out this form to download the brochure. 

SampleMaster Ordering Information

Ultrasound Enhanced SampleMaster Order Codes:

Order Quantity: Box of 20

Order CodeGaugeLength (CM)Length (in)Hub ColorNeedle Point
53218186.0 cm2 3/8"PinkChiba
53220206.0 cm2 3/8"YellowChiba
53222226.0 cm2 3/8"BlackChiba
53720209.8 cm3 7/8"YellowChiba
53722229.8 cm3 7/8"BlackChiba
538181814.9 cm5 7/8"PinkChiba
538202014.9 cm5 7/8"YellowChiba
538222214.9 cm5 7/8"BlackChiba
539222220.0 cm7 7/8"BlackChiba
418202014.9 cm5 7/8"YellowFranseen
418222214.9 cm5 7/8"BlackFranseen
41218186.0 cm2 3/8"PinkSharp Bevel
41220206.0 cm2 3/8"YellowSharp Bevel
41222226.0 cm2 3/8"BlackSharp Bevel

SampleMaster Without Ultrasound Enhancement Order Codes:

Order Quantity: Box of 20

Order CodeGaugeLength (CM)Length (in)Hub ColorNeedle Point
54720209.8 cm3 7/8"YellowChiba
54722229.8 cm3 7/8"BlackChiba
548181814.9 cm5 7/8"PinkChiba
548202014.9 cm5 7/8"YellowChiba
548222214.9 cm5 7/8"BlackChiba
549222220.0 cm7 7/8"BlackChiba

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