SelectCore™ Biopsy Device

A Fully Adjustable Throw for Versatility and Precision

The SelectCore puts you in control with powerful choices to complete a wide range of soft tissue biopsies. A fully variable throw allows you to adjust the penetration depth to any precise increment between 15 and 25mm, giving you the versatility needed to sample targets of varying sizes while avoiding critical structures. Simply rotate the thumb wheel either direction to adjust the throw depth, and the throw indicator will display the current setting.

For clinical flexibility, the SelectCore offers a choice of two firing modes:


  • Fully Automatic mode fires both the stylet and cannula in sequence, capturing a sample with a single push of a button.
  • Manual (Delay) mode deploys the stylet first, allowing you to visualize and confirm the positioning of the notch prior to capturing the sample.

Try the SelectCore

When physicians try the SelectCore, they often love it. We offer complimentary samples for physicians interested in a product demo.

Additional SelectCore Biopsy Device Features

  • A comfortable ring-shaped arming handle allows the device to be easily armed
  • Easy to grip handle, forward mounted firing buttons and an ergonomic design allow for ease of use and control
  • Ultrasound enhanced tip is designed for visualization under ultrasound guidance
  • Depth marks etched on the cannula allow for precise positioning

Coaxial Introducers

SelectCore is compatible with INRAD Coaxial Introducer needles, which feature our HiLiter® Ultrasound Enhancement on the stylet. 

Download the SelectCore Brochure

For more information about SelectCore in a shareable PDF, please fill out this form to download the brochure. 

SelectCore Ordering Information

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Order CodeGaugeLength (CM)Length (in)Coaxial Order Code
9915141415cm5 7/8"691514
9915181815cm5 7/8"691518
9920181820cm7 7/8"692018

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